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Bob G.'s Tribute to Waylon Jennings

2 tone  Waylon Jennings Tribute

Bob G., a professional musician who was ranked in the top 5 country singers in Canada at The Canadian Country Open, has been most influenced in his music by Waylon Jennings.

Bob has spent many years perfecting a Legends Waylon Jennings tribute show; and, has done so with incredible success.   He has captured Waylon's look and sound with fabulous detail.  When you look at Bob on stage, you think immediately of Waylon. When you hear Bob sing Waylon’s music and close your eyes, you are immediately positioned in the midst of fans at any one of the late and great performer's concerts. Bob, like Waylon, sings with a style that seems to come from the soul and reflects both the joy and the pain of a man who has experienced each. The keen understanding of the moods and sounds of the common people, of which he considers himself a part, shines through on stage and off.

Bob keenly looks forward to performing in your area in the near future. When you hear a live show and it sounds like Waylon, stop in and pull up a chair for a memory packed show you won’t forget.


Audio Samples:

Medley (1.4 MB)



Video Samples:

Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line (4 MB)


I've Always Been Crazy (5 MB)

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