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VJ as First Lady Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama impersonator & lookalike
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Vernetta Jenkins-Collins can add another accolade to a respected entertainment resume that already includes producer, director, actress, and screen-writer: “America’s Premier First Lady Look-Alike.”

The newest look alike of our Newest First Lady, Vernetta travels as “the face” of First Lady Michelle Obama at corporate, comedic and faith-based events around the world, bringing joy and inspiration to millions of astonished people who might otherwise never have an audience with America’s First Lady.

A native of Chicago, friends bombarded her with phone calls and emails immediately after the future First Lady started appearing in the news. Inspired by Senator Barack Obama’s message of HOPE and CHANGE, Vernetta began volunteering full time at the “Obama for America” State Headquarters in Los Angeles where she resides. It wasn’t long before other volunteers, staffers, and even national campaign officials were doing double-takes on a daily basis.

“I’m very flattered that people honestly mistake me for Michelle Obama. Who wouldn’t be! She’s an articulate, compassionate, and graceful woman.” Jenkins-Collins continues, “...Not to mention a dedicated wife and mother who is a terrific role model for women of any color or nationality.”

Vernetta’s past career credits as an accomplished television producer include the Dr. Phil Show, Big Brother and The Cut with Tommy Hilfiger. Vernetta’s upcoming appearances in film and television include THE JONAS BROS 3-D CONCERT Movie, ADAM SANDLER’S ‘FUNNY PEOPLE’, T.I.’S “BONE DEEP” as well as NBC’S “LIFE.”. Her extensive experience both behind and in front of the camera made getting makeup, wardrobe, and performance material a breeze. Even before the 2009 Inauguration, she has made several professional “First Lady” appearances, including a short cameo on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE.

Vernetta Jenkins-Collins exhibits the same self-confidence of First Lady Michelle Obama that is empowered and aspirational. Since discovering the similarities, she’s been having fun. . “I am really looking forward in this New Year to see where this road leads!” says Vernetta. “In my normal life, I always hope to inspire others by my works. I’m hoping I will be able to continue inspiring others in this new career path and big adventure!”

“AMERICA’S PREMIER FIRST LADY LOOK ALIKE,” Vernetta Jenkins-Collins will add First Lady style, grace and humor to your ad campaign, endorse your brand, products or services with a print, radio or television ad. She is also available as a character actor for feature films, television and videos.

As an option, consider having a dual visit with "Barack Obama".  You can create even more of a buzz at your event by having our professional "Interview Team" interviewing "Michelle Obama " or "paparazzi" circling around taking pictures.

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