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Gilligan's Island impersonators & lookalikes

Gilligan's Island lookalikes

These seven wonderfully talented improvisational performers who impersonate the castaways from Gilligans Island are bona fide corporate entertainment professionals. They have performed together and individually over the past ten years for numerous Fortune 500 companies including IBM, Pepsi, McDonalds, KFC, AAA, Olympus, Merck, GE Capital, Chevron, Cellular One, Honda, Mead and Nabisco as well as Sea World, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.

With extensive improv training from New York and Chicago to Orlando, the Castaways represent one of the best-knit ensemble groups ever assembled. With an intimate knowledge of Gilligans Island, your guests will enjoy smooth sailing down memory lane on one of the longest running, best-loved television series ever to hit the high seas.

Just sit right back as The Castaways welcome and delight your guests in an entertaining and unforgettable island fashion.


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