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Johnny as President Barack Obama

Barack Obama lookalike and impersonator   Barack Obama lookalike
Barack Obama impersonator  Barack Obama lookalike
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With the historic election of President Barack Obama and Johnny’s uncanny good luck to be his stunt double, there’s a new Commander-in-Chief, I mean Comedian-in-Chief, in town. Johnny is breaking the barriers of change as he takes the stage with the Secret Service in tow, delivering a fun loving, respectful, impersonation of the 44th President of the United States. The oratory and personal passion of President Barack Obama is all there as Johnny creates an entertaining, customized show focused on your organization, along with the political and cultural events of the day. It’s about celebrating life, your community, your achievements, your personal and professional dreams for a brighter future.

Johnny Valentino as President Barack Obama is politics without being political, inspirational in a truly bipartisan way with chuckles for both sides of the aisle. True change is coming to America and it’s got a punchline.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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